And still it lingers

Well, two paragraphs has become four pages.....and I stalled.
Will keep plugging at it, though. Hoping to post it by the end of the week!
Keep writing, all :) We'll get there eventually!

Hello Writer's Block (grrrr)

If there's one thing I find more frustrating than editing a piece of work, it's not being able to write a work at all. I'm sure every author out there has experienced it: the dreaded Writer's Block. The bane of all our existence, always hovering in the wings, and just waiting to assault the floundering writer. Grrr.
Writer's Block shows up in many ways--for some, it's plain lack-of-inspiration. For others, it's procrastination (the ideas are there, but lacking the energy/focus/willpower to sit and write them down). For still others, it's my all-time favorite 'hampered by perfectionism' writer's block. You think, you write, and you promptly delete everything you wrote down because 'ugh! it's horrible! No one will ever want to read it!'
I think I'm currently suffering WB form 1--lack of inspiration. Partly due to family and personal stuff, partly due to flat-out exhaustion, the story mill has not been grinding out its usual crop. I've been staring at a blank page for the past few days, willing myself to write something--anything!--down, just to get the water flowing again.
I think that's really the best thing a person can do when suffering writer's block--like with running, when you get a stitch, you have to just sort of plow through the pain. Writer's must plow through the writer's block! It's not easy--actually, sometimes it downright stinks--but writing, even if it's just paragraphs of nonsense, character profiles, or random notes in your journal, will keep the brain active and creative, and eventually you'll find the inspiration, patience, and determination to write again.
This morning, I finally managed to sort of bust through my Writer's Block wall. It's only 2 paragraphs right now, but its something!! Once it's finished, I'll post it to be read. I just hope this is the end of WB for me for the summer :P
Have a good day, everyone!

The Act of Re-Writing

I am currently in the process of revising and rewriting a piece of short fiction I wrote this past spring.
I freely admit to being a fairly bad editor of my own work. Spelling, grammar, bad sentences structure, and those technical things are not the problem--I'm a bit of a grammar Nazi, actually! No, my problem lies in my crippling inability to delete things. I really don't enjoy deleting whole sections of my story because they 'don't work'. Well, I always tell myself, I could add something here, tweak something there, and then it might!
Yes, but then it's a million times longer, and becoming redundant.
This short story is turning out to be an exercise in slashing whole pages of text. The original draft was somewhere around 9,000 words. After I was done pruning, it was down to about 3,000, the scene order was completely changed, and I no longer had an ending. I am now at 4,469 words, and have almost completed my new ending. Thus far, I am pretty pleased.
Who knew wielding the proverbial axe could be so much fun?


In Other News...

Two of my short fictions, which I have posted here. This is where you will find my short fiction, as it goes up.


The Baltimore Review

Calling all writers--they are looking both for general and contest submissions!

Have a lovely day, everyone!


Eccentric Fiction

This past spring, I took a course on Eccentric fiction as part of my English/Creative Writing major. I was kind of tossing myself headfirst into uncharted waters here: I've always been a very straightforward 'story' kind of girl, and reading authors like Duras and Barthelme made my head spin. I enjoyed the stories immensely, but I couldn't really see myself writing them. Still, the course demanded I at least give it my best effort, so I did.
The breadth of possibility with eccentric fiction didn't quite sink in until I read a truly fantastic book in the class--one that really showed me all the different directions I could take a piece of eccentric fiction. It was called The White Hotel by D.M. Thomas, and it is easily one of the most influential books I've read in the last several years. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good piece of contemporary fiction. It is worth it.
That story convinced me to look at my short fiction differently, and it helped me 'loosen up' my writing style, if you will :P

I encourage any writer interested in trying eccentric or metafiction to read this book :)


Hello Livejournal!

Hello Livejournal!

If you are reading this, welcome! You have stumbled across Faerie Wings and Angel Dust, the creative writing blog of Katherine Hall. This is my online home for all my story stuff: ideas, character sketches, rants and whining about finding an agent/getting published, announcements about any contests, forums, literary journal publishings etc etc. In short, if it has to do with writing, it will be here.

A little about the author:

My name is Katherine Hall, and I'm a writer. I published my first novel, The Halfling, in 2006 through limited press publishing company Publish America. I have heard the stories, both success and horror, and I can safely say that I got exactly what I expected with that company. I was neither disappointed nor surprised :)

ISBN: 1-4241-1642-2

Currently, I am working on the following projects:
~companion piece to The Halfling (completed. Revision stage)
~ young adult trilogy geared towards a younger audience (book 1 complete, revision stage. Book 2 almost complete. Book 3 is up next!)
~Stand alone novel, working title "The Spinner" (Incomplete)
~Preliminary sketch for stand alone novel (Incomplete, as yet untitled)

I hope to use this blog to keep an account of things as I progress on the business side of writing--the getting published part ;) So welcome aboard! I hope you enjoy the ride :)


p.s. if anyone finds the text hard to read, let me know. I presently can't change the font for some reason. I'm working on it, but if it proves to be completely illegible, I will obtain a new, font-friendly background :P


Font successfully altered, and is now much friendlier on the eyes :)